Individual Sports Parent Night Guidelines

Coaches a guideline for you to use for your parent night


Guidelines for Pre-Season Parent Meetings

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION with the parents of our student participants is an essential element in any successful school program.  Below are the guidelines that need to be covered when conducting an “All Team” parent meeting, especially the mandatory PRE-SEASON parent meeting.

  1. Notification to Parents of the Meeting:

The head coach/sponsor will send home with each team participant a notification of the pre-season coach-parent meeting.  This will be accomplished in “flyer” form.  The flyer will be sent home with the individual player/participants at a minimum of three days (3) previous to the date of the meeting.  Included on this flyer will be the agenda items for the parent meeting.  The agenda will include the following:


  1. Introductions as needed for head coach and assistants
  2. Head Coaches’ Philosophy
  3. Player expectations, especially in the areas of attitude and behavior. These expectations should reflect classroom behavior.

d             Review of District 51 “Parent-Athlete Handbook”

  1. Sports schedules on line @
  2. Address Parent Questions

Other items that may need to be included on the meeting agenda:

Out of town travel information

  • Team functions, e.g. team dinners, dates of importance

Special Assistance that the coach/sponsor requires parents to provide

  • Fund raisers
  • Pertinent information, phone numbers
  • Lettering requirements
  • Academic requirements, weekly eligibility, etc.
  • Off-season opportunities


(Note: Items listed above should be included in the team handbook as well.  This will be the written portion of our communication to parents who were NOT able to attend the parent-coach meeting.  Refer to the section located herein that gives an explanation and examples of our expectations concerning TEAM HANDBOOKS.)


  1. Brief Explanation of Philosophy Hand-out


The head coach/sponsor will be responsible for supplying to the parent(s) a copy of his/her PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY concerning the beliefs he/she has concerning education, sports, and their influence on the educational realm of public education.  This philosophy should also give the parent an insight as to what they expect from you as a head coach/sponsor.  This philosophy should reflect your beliefs as well concerning the value of athletics and activities as they relate to sportsmanship, character development, and how participation fosters the development and well-being of the student.  It will explain your beliefs and the ideals you will relay to the students in your role as head coach.

Items to cover in the District 51 Handbook


The head coach will also hand out a copy of the District 51 “Parent-Athlete Handbook”.  The athletic/activities office has an ample supply of this material.  The coach will personally review with the attending parents, the following areas of that handbook:


District 51 Training Rules.

Explain the ramifications of breaking the training rules as well as the three levels of suspension.  Include the behavior expectation as well as the typically thought of violations of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Communication and Conflicts

This is an essential area as well in that it explains to the parent(s) the line of communication and the “chain of command” that we expect our athletes to follow.  Most conflicts are resolved at the “Student-Athlete” level of communication.  This is also an appropriate time to discuss the issue of “playing time.”  This issue MUST be handled at the student-athlete-coach level of communication.